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Maargga is the main Supplier of Schneider Cables in Dubai, UAE.

We supply a wide range of Schneider Products across GCC. Our main products include Cat7, Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5, Cat3 Cables and Accessories like Single and dual faceplate, different length of patch cords, keystone jacks, cable managers, patch panels in 24 and 48 ports. Maargga is the Main Distributor of Schneider Cables in Dubai, UAE. We keep complete Fiber Optic Products from 2 Core FTTH cables to 48Core cables in Single mode and Multimode ( OM2, OM3 and OM4). We also stock Fiber optic accessories like Pigtails, Patch cords, patch panels, break out box, Micro ODF, Etc.
The Schneider Actassi structured cabling solution is a seamless end-to-end copper and fiber solution that is dynamic enough to address the needs from the technical room, through the building all the way to the data center. Schneider Actassi provides superior network performance with the security and reliability expected from a global Network Connectivity provider.

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Whilst Schneider Actassi is addressing the needs of buildings and data centers, it is also an important part of the TOP System (Total Office Performance), the Schneider Electric end-to-end distribution and control solution making workspaces energy-efficient, flexible and comfortable. All parts of TOP are designed to work as ONE, from power and data distribution, to safety systems and life space controls. TOP is built on the same strong and committed Schneider Actassi values of easy installation, reliability, flexibility and efficiency while delivering performance and functionality.