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Maargga Technologies is the Main Dealer of Network Cable products in Dubai UAE.

Our Sales Team can provide the Innovative ideas about Network Cable Systems. Ultra Stream Technologies offer Fast Delivery and Competitive Price in Dubai Market. We are Stockiest of Network Cable Copper Systems Bulk Copper Cable, Finer Optic Cables, Cat6 Cable, Cat6a Cable, Cat7 Cable, Copper Outdoor Cable, UTP Cable, FTP Cable, SFTP Cable, Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable & Multimode Fiber Optic Cable.

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The various wiring schemes for Networking Cables:

  • CAT1 which is used for telephone wire. CAT2 supports speeds up to 4 Mbps and used frequently for token ring networks..
  • CAT3 and CAT4 are both used for Token Ring networks for higher network speeds.
  • CAT5 wire is now replaced by the CAT5e designs providing an enhanced crosstalk specification allowing it to support speeds up to 1 Gbps. It is the most used network cabling specification in the world.
  • CAT6 support speeds of 1 Gbps for length up to 100 meters and 10 Gbps up to 55 meters. Organizations using CAT6 cabling should use a specialized cable analyzer to request a complete test report, to ensure that the the CAT6 guidelines and standards have been followed during the installation.
  • The CAT7 is a fresh copper cable pattern which can support speeds of 10Gbps and length up to 100 meters.