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Maargga Technologies is the one of leading fiber materials supplier in UAE.

Fiber optic patch panel supplied by Marrgga Technologies is according to Etisalat / du standards and it is also Etisalat / Du approved. We have 1U sliding patch panel suitable for simplex and duplex adaptor. 1U rack mount patch panel comes with 24 port loaded and unloaded. We also keep stocks wall mount fiber patch panel / fiber distribution box as well with different ports.

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Hence Maargga Technologies is one of the main Fiber optic patch panel dealers in UAE for fiber termination applications, the brands we stock is Opterna, ExTell, Techlogiks, Belden, Corning, Panduit, Dconnect, etc. We keep complete stocks from 2 port ODF to 48 port fiber patch panel along with fiber optic accessories like fiber management kit, splice tray, splice protector, fiber optic adaptors and fiber optic pigtails.