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Maargga Technologies is the Best Supplier of Belden Multi Conductor Cable in Dubai UAE.

With an unmatched ability to ensure system uptime, Belden Classics Electronic, Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cables are uniquely engineered for rugged industrial jobs. With proven reliability and performance backed by a 10-year no-cost warranty, these utility-grade essentials will outlast alternative options—even in the most demanding environments.

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Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate Noise Interference: Best-in-class patented Beldfoil® shield technology delivers 100% coverage to protect signals.
  • Consistent Signal Transmission: Superior physical toughness maintains performance in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Increased Flexibility: Finely stranded conductors offer easier installation.
  • Choose What You Need: Wide range of gauge sizes, shielding options, conductor types and pair counts.